About Us

Every day hundreds of baseball ‘snapshots’ taken before the digital age are lost as the original owners pass away and their belongings become trash. Ironically, for different reasons, the same fate is happening to today’s digital baseball pictures. Once a snapshot is taken by a baseball fan with a digital camera/phone they are downloaded to a computer, never printed, and almost always forgotten.

Fantography™ is looking to harvest baseball snapshots taken by fans over the last 100 years that captures a poignant personal moment in professional baseball (major league, minor league or Negro Leagues). The snapshot could be of a player, a ballpark or a mascot. Once Fantography™ has collected enough baseball snapshots, Fantography™ will start the process to turn them into a book and preserve for eternity the professional baseball experience of the fan from their perspective. This will truly be an American story, with the focus on our National Pastime.

Photos submitted must be taken by fans who are not professional photographers. Fantography™ is not interested in baseball game action photos. Fantography™ is looking for a picture of a long forgotten player emerging from the team hotel to board the bus to the game. Or a picture of a player in his baggy flannel uniform pausing near the stands for a quick portrait, with a sign advertising the local beer sponsor behind him. Maybe a cell phone snapshot of a rookie having a late night snack after a victory.

Copies of the baseball experience photos should be emailed to, Images@Fantography.net.

Each person submitting a photo should include a caption that describes the date, people in the photo and the story behind the photo.